Back in the Vinyl Pool

It might sound weird that if I’m writing a blog about vinyl I haven’t really bought any in over 30 years. I’ve started changing that over the past few weeks. I’m starting small right now, basically limiting myself to anything under $5 unless it’s something odd that catches my eye and then I’ll go to $10 or so. That $80 Stax pressing of Booker T and the MGs? Going to wait. There is plenty out there to get to before I start looking for collectability. Before I joined the Navy in 1982 I had a largish collection (200 or so) but by the time I got out in 1986 most of it had disappeared. Part of what I’m picking up is replacing what wandered off and part is what I wanted back then but never got round to getting. Or had on 8-Track or cassette. Or things I’m into now that I wasn’t into then. I’m slowly working my way through the Record Store in Howell, NJ and will move on after I’m through there. Maybe hit some flea markets and yard sales when I warms up a bit and I get a better feel for what things are worth now.


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